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Toulouse Women's International Group


Next Reading Group Meeting

Venue: Deirdre Bray’s house in Garies

Date: Monday 5th November

Time: 2pm

Contact: Karen Burroughs or Joyce Booth

Details: How to Stop Time by Matt Haig

Reading Group Review – Americanah by Chamananda Ngozi Adichie

TWIG Reading Group September 2018

‘Americanah’ by Chamananda Ngozi Adichie first published in 2013 was October’s book. ‘Americanah’ is the title given to returning Nigerians from U.S.A who have acquired a certain accent and attitude.
This book stimulated much discussion not all directly related to the book. The book is a dense but very satisfying read, requiring careful reading, no skimming.
It is a book with many layers: race; class; gender; exile; identity; relationships and a fair amount of information about the care and significance of African hair.
The love story between Ifemelu and her childhood sweetheart, Obinze bookends the story. The narrative begins with Ifemelu in a braiding salon towards the end of the time line of the story after she has lived in the U.S.A for fifteen years.
These two protagonists leave their middle class rather privileged homes in Nigeria in search of a better life.
Ifemelu to Philadelphia, U.S.A and later on Obinze to Britain.
Ifemelu eventually achieves success in America, writing a blog about what it means to be a black person, she distinguishes between Non American blacks and American blacks.
Obinze is not as lucky in Britain eventually being deported as an illegal immigrant .He returns to Nigeria where he finds a rich mentor and achieves great wealth as a property developer.
We felt the ‘Mills and Boon’ ending was pretty obvious from the beginning, but because the book has so much to say and is so well written the ending is almost irrelevant.