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Toulouse Women's International Group


Next Reading Group Meeting

Venue: Jane De Blonde’s house in Larra

Date: Monday 6th November 2017

Time: 2pm

Contact: Karen Burroughs or Joyce Booth

Details: US by David Nicholls

Reading Group Review – The House by the Lake by Thomas Harding

TWIG Reading Group October 2017

This book was given a unanimous ‘thumbs-up’ at the October meeting of the reading group. An extremely well researched book, it tells the story of how a small lakeside week-end home built in 1927 not far from Berlin was affected by the political and economic changes over the next three-quarters of a century. It moves the reader gently from the idyllic pre-war holidays of the first owners, through to the division of Berlin after the Second World War, the building of the Berlin Wall and its effect on the people who lived in the house at that time, until its subsequent threatened demolition in 2003. The author skilfully uses the changing characters and local events to reflect and explain the backdrop of world events, and in particular the history of Germany.
Our group all agreed that despite the serious nature of the theme, it was an easy book to read and also extremely informative. We all felt that our understanding of events in Germany during those years was considerably expanded by reading this book, and appreciated the impartial way in which the story is told.