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Toulouse Women's International Group


Creative Writing Group

creative writing

Future Dates: Thursday afternoons 14:00 – 1600

The Creative Writing is a small group which meets every Thursday afternoon for two hours, we take it in turns to host the meetings. The host prepares a few simple exercises with words or sentences to use as starting prompts for our writing, which we read out afterwards. (We also talk and laugh a lot.)

Whilst of course we may have secret fantasies of publishing a hugely successful best-selling novel, more realistically we just enjoy writing and are frequently surprised to find where it takes us. Some of us are working on individual projects and use the group as a sounding board when we need advice or criticism. As you will have seen, we occasionally have our work published in the TWIG magazine.

If the idea of exploring your writing potential appeals, and you would like to come along for a ‘taster’ session, contact Alison Moxom for meeting time and place details. Details can be found in the twig directory.

The group will be happy to receive interested potential members for a ‘sampler session’ and then create a ‘waiting list’ of people wishing to join.

Some members subscribe to writers’ magazines, enter competitions and have had work published. We are serious about our writing but try not to take ourselves too seriously.

Tact and discretion are important, creative writing can be very personal. Within the group we respect the work of each individual, and if a critique is requested, we give considerate feedback. We also respect that each piece submitted for us to consider remains the property of the author.