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Toulouse Women's International Group


*Soupe Verte de Thoux*

(Thoux Green Soup)
all measurements are approximate:
6-7 large courgettes (1 kilo)
cut up big, don’t peel!
250grms split peas
( pois cassés)
1 or 2 purple onions ‘(‘échalotes)
garlic 1-2 cloves
Vache Qui Rit (cheese) 2-4 triangles
Maggi Cubes 2-3 chicken or beef or vegetarian
1 or 2 potatoes cut up, maybe 1 leek if you wish
cover with water- close lid- cook 15-20 min  MIX,
serve with large spoon of cream or crème liquide in
each dish- salt and pepper if necessary
CHILDREN LOVE THIS WITH crackers, provided it comes out real thick!!
generally serves around 6-7 people depending on the appetites!!

Thanks Yvonne Himli for this recipe