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Toulouse Women's International Group



Our next Franglais meeting will be:

Date: Tuesday 21 January 2020

Time: 10am-12noon

Venue: Chez Mary

Please let Heidi Worswick know if you will be attending ( details in the TWIG directory).

Franglais dates 2020

21/01/20 – Hosted by Mary Budgen
04/02/20 – Pibrac
25/02/20 – Hosted by Theo Nightingale
03/03/20 – Pibrac
24/03/20 – Hosted by Heather Lemetayer
21/04/20 – TBC
05/05/20 – Pibrac
19/05/20 – Hosted by Emmanuelle Moirant
02/06/20 – Pibrac
16/06/20 – Hosted by Marian Carfantan
July 2020 – Franglais summer lunch hosted by Heidi Worswick

The International Tea Club will take place in the Salle Polyvalente Pibrac.

Franglais meetings

This is an informal French / English conversation group, with members who come to give their French a go whatever their levels.

The aim of this group is to give members an opportunity to converse in French in a more relaxed manner than formal French lessons but also to learn every day vocabulary in order to boost confidence when out and about in a French environment.

French ladies also attend to practice their English, we chat in both languages in a friendly and cosy atmosphere, with a cup of tea, coffee and of course the inevitable cakes.

We meet at various locations twice monthly.

Contact: Heidi Worswick (details in the twig booklet)