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Toulouse Women's International Group


FUTURE DATES - Gardening Group

The first Gardening Group meeting of 2018 will take place on Friday 16th March from 10.30am at Hilary Davey’s house in Bellegarde Ste Marie.

We are delighted that Penny Stansfield will give a talk and video presentation on the subject of Sustainable Garden Design.

This will be followed by a light lunch of soup, bread and cheese at about 12.30

Please let Hilary know if you would like to take part in this fascinating activity and whether or not you wish to stay for lunch.

Contact Hilary Davey ( by email or telephone as detailed in the TWIG directory )


TWIG ANNUAL PLANT SWAP will be held on Friday 21st April at Lisa Jones’ house in St Cezert.

This is an open event so all members are welcome!

For more information please contact Lisa Jones or Hilary Davey (contact details in the twig directory)

Gardening Group


The Gardening Group meets every two months and is for all members within TWIG.

The group learn useful tips from friends and experts, and from other gardens. Each meeting is usually followed with lunch at a local restaurant.

When winter arrives and the gardens are closed up, the group move inside and we’ve had many enjoyable mornings doing “Flower Arranging” “Winter Hanging Baskets” “Christmas – Table Centre Piece”.